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Thread: Well... didnt get as much accomplished this weekend...

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    Well... didnt get as much accomplished this weekend...

    Didn't get as far as I planned this weekend....
    I did get the leafspring shackle replaced on my van. That was the project from heck. I think I fractured my thumb in the process. Funny knuckles seem to be a lot softer when struck between a hammer and a solid piece of 1/4" steel..... The pain was enough that my mouth couldn't form the expletives that my brain was firing off in rapid succession..... OW.
    Not only did the parts not want to come off with an impact wrench and about half a can of pb blaster on the threads, turns out the bolt I was trying so hard to drive out of the lower shackle was bent... I had to grind of both ends to pull it out... I also had to drop my trailer hitch and use a 4 foot pipe between the frame and rear quarterpanel to bend the leaf spring down to where I could force the bolt between the frame and hitch.... ughhhh. well its behind me now...
    Today went a bit smoother. Got some tools out of my trailer that I am going to sell, the proceeds going to the rich soby lathe fund. My buddy brought the doors over from the amoires to do a little tweaking and he decided he wants me to make the drawer front 5 piece raised panel to match the doors so another little project to keep me out of trouble between bus runs
    And he bought one of my chop saws from me!
    Hopefully by next weekend I can get the shop cart started for the group build and get the handle turned for my new Capn Eddie round cutter!

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    Oh Boy, That's my world all over.

    Started cutting my fly rafters for my shed yesterday. Cut one of them twice and it was still too short. Go Figure

    So that needed a trip to the borg. Well just going to the store generally shoots at least 3 hours, so there was that day. At least today I got the siding up on the front porch on the shed and got the brackets mounted. But then some thunder and lightning started do come over and I decided I didn't really want to stand on an aluminum ladder during that, so then came inside and then found that that Eh, I'm feeling kind of beat.

    At least the pork butt is roasting nice and slow on the smoker and the beans are smelling good...

    Time for a cold one and to forget about what could have been...
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