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Thread: Vicious Little Dog..... Solution Needed....HELP!!

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    Vicious Little Dog..... Solution Needed....HELP!!

    Recently I've been attacked by this vicious little dog, this old lady walks her dog in our area, I run into her and her mad dog during my deliveries.

    The dog just launches at me, attacks full throttle, and bites, hard!

    So far the mad dog has only been able to chop on my foot, and I wear good solid MTB shoes that have protected my foot, but if it gets my ankle, that is just a thin sock.

    After the first attack the lady walked by my L shop and I went out and confronted her, the dog attacked again, this time I punted it away from me and told the lady to stay away!

    Now before you go off about the cops, or the government, don't they are uniformly useless, basically until the dog rends flesh and does some real damage the "Authorities" can and will do nothing.

    My desired solution involves a blunt instrument, a shovel and a hole in the ground, but this being Tokyo, that is not going to happen.

    This is tearing me and my wife up, I can't do my deliveries and not have this stupid lady and the dog give me grief, today the vicious little dog attacked me again, I got the heck out of the way, but the lady made little effort to stop the dog, it went right to the end of it's leash, then she laughed, I stopped out of range and yelled at her, told her that the dog was dangerous, and she admitted that the dog attacks people on bicycles

    Anyway, I'm looking for a solution, I'm thinking a dog whistle, or a dog ultrasound zapper thing, does anyone have experience with these items? I would rather like the whistle, but they are mostly for dog training, is that true?

    I really just want something that when I see this old lady and her vicious little dog I can blow/activate and the dog will not come at me. I worry because I know that if that dog ever where to take a chunk out of my leg, I'd kill it with my bare hands, I've been bitten badly by dogs in the past, and I did just that, I really do not need this in my life, I need a solution.
    I cannot avoid the dog and the lady is as dumb as a post, she has come now twice to the L shop to complain, because when the dog attacks and bites me I yell at her and tell her to control her dog, she does not admit to us, at the L shop that the dog attacks me, but it does.

    Please help me out here guys, I need a solution, and products like Halt pepper spray are not legal in Japan so that does not work.


    Oh yeah, here is the vicious little dog.....

    I could not get an action shot, as I was getting the heck out of Dodge at that moment

    Looks cute and cuddly in the pic, but the this dog bites!
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    sorry to hear that you are having problems with the dog and the owner. One solution stu is to befriend the dog and give it a treat when you see it as you need to retrain this dog and the best way to do that is with food not by punishment. You should hose the lady down with water and then she will stop coming by the shop and you might have to deal with the police then too ( might be a way of getting them involved). The dog is a product of her not dealing with it and the bike issue. I am sure if it has been doing it to other people on bikes I am sure that it gets kicked lots and hence it becomes vicious to bikes and their owners. If the lady does nothing but laughs then it is clear that she doesn't try to stop this behavior and she is the problem not the dog. Dogs can be retrained, owners sometimes can't. Giving treats everytime you see the dog might get you on good terms with the dog and in turn stop the attacks. Postal workers and the staff of BC ferries have found this to work with dogs. Just some dog treats in your pocket in time it will look forward to seeing you. Sorry I know you would like a better solution but that is all I have to offer.

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    Drew's approach might work, although some dogs are too messed up to respond to rewards.

    A mild ammonia and water solution in a spray bottle (shot into the dog's face) can act as a deterrent in some cases. (Don't know what the legal ramifications might be for that in Tokyo, though.) Dogs hate ammonia, and any sting they get from the spray in the eyes is only temporary and does no permanent damage. A spray of pain ol' water works in some cases, too.
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    Very heavy crate....startled reaction....gravity.....condolences....
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    Unfortunately any interaction with the dog or the owner is not possible, the first time I tried to do this right after the first attack, the dog attacked me again, this time to jump up and bite me, very vicious, and that is the time I punted the vicious little dog, not hard, no time or space for a windup, but hard enough. This was totally in self defense, it was kick or get bitten.

    I know enough about dogs that the problem is the old lady owner, she lets the dog do as it wants, and does nothing to stop it, when it barks at people or snaps at people she only verbally admonishes it, the dog is NOT afraid of her at all.

    I need something to keep this vicious little dog on the other side of the street when I go by, I only want to use it on this dog, I have no problems with other dogs, I get along great with dogs, but this dog is twisted in it's head.

    I guess I'll plunk down for one of these dog whistles and maybe the electronic ultrasound thing, and see if that works.
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    I dont get much of this.

    there is a viscious dog that attacks and bites you. Continously.

    You spoke with the owner about it a few times, and the owner laughs at you?

    Next time that dog attempted to take a bite out of me, Id punt it for 3 points.

    I wouldnt love tap it, I wouldnt push it away, and I certainly wouldnt feed it a treat.
    I would wind up my foot, and punt it for 3.
    and if my foot wasnt up to the punt, Id drop a case of saki right on top of that little viscious mutt.
    Im sorry, understanding the owner trained the dog or let the dog act like this and there is little you do against the owner, its time for the little dog to DOG up. Time to play with the big dogs.

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    Throw a a candy bar to it. but if you do not want to hurt the dog trow some raw meat. Maybe the owner will keep the dog away from you if you continue to drop food for it.
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    All of the above, plus these random thoughts: Cattle prod?? Borrow a hungry bigger dog for a while as a bike escort. Have your wife video the lady and her dog during one of the attacks and talk to a local TV station about doing a "we solve problems that local officials won't" news feature, or put it on Youtube and hope it goes viral and brings thousands of customers to your store. Show it to your customers to let them know how dedicated you are getting them their orders. Talk to your local cop on the beat and ask what you can do to protect yourself without getting in trouble. Ask them to ride a bike past the old lady. Check to see if you have any type of SPCA organization that can help have the animal declared dangerous. Snatch the leash out of her hand and take puppy on a Nantucket sleigh ride. Ask the Yamaguchi-gumi for a favor....Wait!! Scratch that last one. Buy a muzzle and insist the lady put it on her dog or something bad will vague. There are a number of dog repellants you could spray on the street but they would target all dogs, not just the monster, so that wouldn't work. OK That's all I can think of for now. Good luck!!

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    in that country the video is one thing that they would all see and maybe peer presure would stop the problem maybe slip in a name of the lady or the town location to get some quicker response.. i think ted has some great ideas.. its not the dogs fault its the owners fault...
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    Like Vaughn stated only put it in a squirt gun! Longer range, better accuracy, easier to hold, stash and be ready. What about a taser? Down in the dungeon you surely could "amp" it up! Either that or if you want a real good funny, slather your foot and leg in as hot a sauce as you can muster, let him really bite and often, he'll back away on his own, you better get off of the bike then because you'll die laughing as he drags one side then the other side of his mouth on the sidewalk trying to get the burning sensation off!!!!!!

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