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Thread: Jims pens

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    Jims pens

    Got this box from Jim Burr today. inside were these two great looking pens. I had sent him some stuff and this was a thank you gift from him. Now as most here know i don't turn pens, this is the reason why. there is no way i can come close to what he sent me. Thank you man, and if there is anything i can do for ya just ask. Btw he made the red one for my wife and the other for me. He'll have to chime in here and tell us what they are and what there made from as like i said i don't do pens.
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    Thanks bud...yours is some maple burl on a Jr Gent in your Christmas box and Mrs Bellinger's is a casting I did last month on an Aero...think it was my 3rd casting . I'm still learning how to mix...I think it shows. Your will run out of ink before hers does so head off to Office Max/Depot and get the refill/s. One is a Shaffer and.....I forgot the other but they'll know which one is which. Enjoy my friend and thanks!!!
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    Great gesture Jim and some mighty fine looking pens.
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    Steve, I know what you mean. Jim has given LOML and me pens, and I don't think I've turned one since. He sets a high bar.

    Those are two sweet-looking pens, Jim. Very nice gesture.
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    Beautiful wood, and very nice kits... Excellent
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    Very nice Jim!
    Great Form, Fit and Finish with a great choice of kits and plating to complement the barrel and cap material.
    Well done.

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