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Thread: The Ice Bucket

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    The Ice Bucket

    When I started to turn this piece of Mesquite it had a large crack in it that I wanted to turn out. So as I'm turning I get this feeling that I am going to have to make a lid for it. Now I have never made one with a lid except for a small box. Also I can't seem to remember where I have seen this shape before and it is realy bugging me. Now I have the shape in my head of what it's going to look like and I figured out how to do a lid. But I still can't remember where I have seen it.
    After all of that thinking it was time for a break. Going to get a Pepsi and mull this over. Anyway as soon as I stuck my hand in the freezers ice bucket I knew what I was turning. A motel room Ice Bucket with lid.
    Mesquite body, Walnut lid and Walnut knob. 8 inchs wide and about 7 inchs tall.


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    Dennis, for some reason the photos aren't showing. Can you try uploading them again?
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