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Thread: Need a roller? ??? save some$ $

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    Need a roller? ??? save some$ $

    in the event you like to make your own i am sharing a tip i picked up somewhere.
    The wide steel rollers available from l.v. were too rich for my frugal bloodline so i purchased a couple of flange roller bearings for $2.99. These are the spare parts sold for those light weight trailer wheels.
    Got a short length (3ft) of pipe from the Hd for $ 4.79 and press the flange bearing in the end.

    Use a wharever kind of material suites your fancy as a bracket and a bolt to suite your bearing inner diameter and you have a roller fit for a king with no possibility of rust

    I cannot at this stage tell you the bearing or pipe size as i simply grabbed the bearing and then went to the depot to match it to the pipe.

    These rollers could be made to whatever width you desire and used in say an outfeed support. For me its going to be on my mitre saw mobile folding arm bench.

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    Good idea Rob. Your frugalness (if that's a word) qualifies you to be an honorary Yankee
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