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Thread: making cutting boards

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    making cutting boards

    I thought Id be in full swing on my next project, but my vision is so bad right now(even with my glasses, screen is blurry for me) I decided to lay off any major projects.
    I did start milling down some sapele/mahogany for my next attempted solid wood piece of furniture.(way above my level of woodworking, but its only wood, and when I fail, Ill toss it, but at least its worth a shot)

    As most of us know, this site is loaded with people with great talent and artistic flare.(other people besides myself)

    I visited Vaughn's website and think his cutting boards are top notch.

    I made a board with the 3-D look vaughn has on his website.I used all cutoffs and scraps, so I didnt get one as large as Id like. All my boards get rubber feet attached to the bottoms with SS screws.Im thinking of giving my new neighbor the 3-D board as a house warming gift, just a hi, Im glad to welcome you.

    The shelf piece is going behind my sons bar, Ill shoot a picture after its installed to show why its been cut like that.(its 1/2 inch ply laminated with 1/2 inch mdf, 3 slices and then covered with 1/4 inch mahogany fronts)

    Im keeping busy, hopefully my eyesight will give me a break and I can get started again.

    Thanx vaughn, your tutorial is so easy peasy even a idiot like me could make an attempt.(I dont own any purpleheart or fancy woods, so its just walnut, maple and mahogany)

    on another note, the contractor is finishing up my kitchen and other work today....
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails kitchen makeover 106 (Medium).jpg   kitchen makeover 108 (Medium).jpg  
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    Hi Allen, sorry to hear that you are having eye problems, I hope that you can overcome the problem soon. Your projects look great to me I really like your use of scraps for the cutting boards, they are really nice. thanks for posting them.

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    I think your neighbor will love it.
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    Nice pieces there Allen!

    Hey, take care of your eyes and give them a break.

    Can't wait to see your next project...
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    Your eyes are probably wacky from looking at the 3D cutting board. Mine are from just looking at the picture

    I'm getting ready to make some as well. Never made on before. I hope they come out as nice as yours.

    Looking forward to seeing your sons bar all finished
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    Great stuff Allen!
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    Great looking projects, Allen.
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    the MACHINE! good work allen!
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    Looks great Allen! These are going on my "to do" list.
    It's not what you achieve in life...It's what you overcome!

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    thanx everyone.
    I did get some good news just now.
    The high sugar levels did not do any damage to my eyes and the bluriness should go away in a few weeks.
    Gonna start a serious project this week and just take it real slow.

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