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Thread: Had a lunch visitor Yesterday

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    Had a lunch visitor Yesterday

    But he wasn't sharing...

    Looks like rodent tartar...

    Not the best pictures, since I had to take them through the windows...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice bird - Hawk is it?
    There is one on my property that likes to follow me around on the tractor. Never seen him up that close before though. Curious I guess...or maybe the tractor startles the critters out if hiding and provides dinner.

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    We have had a nest of red tailed hawks since we bought the farm. Yep, when mowing, she teaches her young to sight, sail and eat. Really fun and interesting to hear their vocals when I am using the team.

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    Getting in nice and close with that new lens....Cool!
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    Looks like he brought his own lunch too. Nice shots!

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    so what kind is he brent?
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    I love watching hawks and eagles.

    Nice shot Brent
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    I really like your photos. Those are excellent shots with telephoto and through a window.

    The pics made me think back. We have had red hawks and their babies about 190 feet from the kitchen window in the top of a eucalyptus tree. We had a great view with the 10x binoculars.

    This season we had a hummer nest complete with eggs which became two babies. The nest was about 6 inches outside of Myrna's office window. Glenn got a great photo of the two babies bulging out of the nest. One day I saw them playing airplane dog fighters. Man, they go any direction and they change it instantly...almost as much fun as watching a papa spider monkey train his son.

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    Cool photos, Brent. We've got a pair or red tail hawks that have nested in the neighbor's tree behind our house since we've lived here. We see and hear them come in to roost in the evening pretty often this time of year, since we're doing stuff in the yard more often. I watched one of them one afternoon up high in one of our pine trees munching on something about the size of a rabbit. Or small cat. The local ravens like to harass the hawks relentlessly, but every once in a while we'll see one of the hawks get tired of it and go do a little kung fu voodo upside a raven's head. They back off for a while after that.

    And Jim, don't get me started on hummingbirds. One of LOML's primary hobbies is feeding hummingbirds. In the summer, she goes through 5 pounds of sugar a day. (A bit less than half that in the winter.) We've got something like 7 or 8 large feeders, and there are multiple birds at multiple feeders all day long, with peak traffic in the early mornings and late afternoons causing backups where you can count dozens of birds at the feeders and another 50 to 100 (easily) in holding patterns over the yard. It's fun to watch, but kind of insane, too.
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    Nice pics.

    My best guess would be a Swainson's hawk or Marsh hawk. Hard to say one or the other without seeing it fly.

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