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Thread: Yet Another Good CS from Lee Valley Experience

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    Yet Another Good CS from Lee Valley Experience

    I know the reports on good CS from Rob Lee's outfit are almost boring at this point . . .

    I had placed an order to take advantage of the current free shipping offer. I realized after placing it that I wanted to modify the order. It was after hours so I called the 800 number and left a message as instructed.

    Just like you would expect from Lee Valley, I called this morning, they had received the message and held the order for me. How many times have I emailed or left messages at other companies and never even heard back? But, I digress . . . I asked if I should cancel and re-place the order or could we modify it?

    When the person helping me gave me the response "We can do whatever you'd like", I had an all too familiar thought pass through my mind (read in an echoing 'thought-voice'): "why can't other companies be as friendly and accommodating?".

    Alright, that's enough praise for now. We don't want Rob getting too comfy and thinking he's got it all worked out
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    Glenn i can only agree witg you. Many many times i have thought the LV CS could make an excellent case study for business schools.
    Why other companies find it so hard i will never understand.

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    and this is why Rob Lee gave me the key chains to hand out to the folks that visited this spring while on my tour de wood.. he fully understands what makes a business succeed in today's world and yesterdays..
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