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Thread: conter top help

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    conter top help

    Again while the wife is away I want to replace the counter top on the bathroom vanity. I replaced the bathroom vanity & was waiting for the wife to pick a counter top. Well, I'm tired of looking at it so I want to replace it. I'm thinking of using two pieces of 3/4" ply glued & screwed together. The size of the top now is 1-1/2" & the back splash is 1" I am going to attach the back splash with pocket hole joinery. I have this one from Woodcraft. Kreg single hole jig I was thinking of using just some white laminate for top. also the back wall at the back of the sink is nice & straight but the right side is not a true 90
    My questions are as follows.

    1. What is the best thing to use to attach laminate top the ply.

    2. how do I curve the laminate to fit?

    3. What is the best way to cut the right side so I get a nice fit to the wall? should I add a back splash on this side or like it is now just the counter top?

    any advice or help in any way. Maybe some questions I didn't even think to ask so all help is very appreciated.


    Click pics for full size.

    side of vanity showing back splash

    Full sink pic

    close up of back splash

    right side of sink

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    The top you have is a post formed top. It's made with machinery that forms the laminate with heat under pressure on a formed industrial particle board substrate. It's not a DIY project.

    Using two layers of plywood is overkill. One layer is sufficient. You can do your own top by adding to the bottom edge a 3/4" strip of plywood approximately 2" wide (to rest on the top of the cabinet members). You then have an 1.5" edge to laminate first, and then add the top piece. I suggest using a solvent base contact cement.

    Your back splash, and end splash can also be 3/4" plywood. With those, laminate the face first and then the top. They can be mounted just with using a caulk, and I use Polyseamseal.

    If the top of your cabinet has rails or corner gussets, you can add some, and screw through them into the top to hold it down.



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