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Thread: A Few Mission Pieces..

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    A Few Mission Pieces..

    Here a few pics of some mission/ arts and craft pieces that I have done in the past.
    Most of our furniture in our home is QSWO that is mission style.
    I have found the more furniture I build for our home, the higher my tool budget has become...
    The first two are a sofa table and a king size bed, blanket chest and night tables.

    Attachment 59949Attachment 59950

    Coffee table with end tables in living room.

    Attachment 59952Attachment 59951

    Morris chair and otto.

    Attachment 59953Attachment 59954

    Attachment 59955

    And one of the QSWO mailboxes I have make for my wife to give to her friends to hang in riding arenas she rides in.

    Attachment 59956

    Hope everyone is having some good shop time.

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    Great stuff Gary. Love the ray fleck in the QSWO. That locking 'mailbox' is a winner for public areas; I may steal that . . . er, I mean draw inspiration from that piece. Thanks for sharing your work
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    Pretty wood and prettier furniture.
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    Really nice work. The Morris chair and the sideboard are both on my to-do list!
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    Great looking pieces Gary.

    How did you get the tails on dovetails to stay natural? Prefinish them, then assemble?

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    Those are sure great looking pieces Gary. The wood is beautiful as well.
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    Very nice work Gary. I have made a few pieces of Arts and Crafts furniture and would like make many more. Your work serves as an inspiration!
    Cheers, Frank

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    Thanks guys.
    Darren the sides of the drawers were left natural. The white oak darkens even with a little poly on it. If you look at the drawers in person the sides of the oak are a little lighter than the stained fronts.
    Hard thing about this was staining the fronts and not having it bleed on to the sides... If I remember I put a coat of poly on the sides first to seal the wood.

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    gotta tell ya sir, I really admire the pieces you build.

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    great stuff gary and what did you do to get that color on those pieces? and that is some fantastic qtr sawn you cut it or just got a great source for some
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