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Thread: got me a sawmill

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    got me a sawmill

    This has been in the works for a long time. I have been talking with my father in law for the past couple of years about getting a sawmill. Well the time has finally arrived! We went to the Kentucky Wood Expo yesterday to pick-up our EZ Boardwalk sawmill. I didn't get any pics from the show I forgot the dang camera. It was neat though. They had lumberjack competitions, skidder, and knuckle boom races. My son really enjoyed crawling all over the heavy equipment they had on display. Some of the chippers were really impressive. The firewood processors were neat. They ruined Lucas though, he thought the only way to split firewood was with a maul. He wanted one bad!

    As everyone knows the economy has hit everyone. Several of the guys said the show wasn't as big as it has been in the past. They also told me that they usually alternate the show between Western Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky. I was told they are cutting the show down to every other year and they don't know where they'll have it yet.

    A quick word about Edward Zimmerman, the maker of the mill. All I can say is he's a class act. When we got to the show before I introduced myself he was talking with several guys about his mill. One of them said that he had a brand "X" mill and that it was junk compared to his and it also cost more. He had the perfect opportunity to trash the other mills but he never even mentioned the other mill. He just kept on talking about his. I haven't used it yet, but here's a few pictures of my shinny blue mill.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails sawmill 002 (Medium).JPG   sawmill 003 (Medium).JPG   sawmill 001 (Small).JPG  

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    good for you what is the mills capacity in width? i have seen them in use and for the money they are good saws..
    went tot he site and got the width john that will cut the majority of logs that you will ever run across.. and you will have plenty of exercize rolling them to get the next cut your gonna need a new shed for your lumber though.. the space you have now is gonna fill up fast,, dont need to ask me how i know
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    Congrats John! That looks like a seriously nice saw. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun making lumber!
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    What a great purchase. I am glad for you. Looks like lots of fun, and work....

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    Congrats John, looking forward to seeing you cut some lumber. Do you live on a woodlot? or will you be buying logs for lumber.

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    Paint me green with envy! Ever since being a kid growing up watching the Walton's, I have wanted to own my own sawmill. Like all good equipment, get it under a shed roof, it will serve to extend the life of your mill as well as offer you protection from the weather as well. My old buddy had his under a picnic shelter type affair, enough physical labor that except for the COLDEST days, was comfortable working. Also, he had a large mirror from an old chest of drawers standing on the driver's side of the mill so he got a perspective while walking the blade through the cut.

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    Congrats John!

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    Nice score John
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Keeble View Post
    Congrats John, looking forward to seeing you cut some lumber. Do you live on a woodlot? or will you be buying logs for lumber.
    Rob, I have right at 30 acres with about 25 or so wooded. It's funny, I've mentioned to a few friends about getting the mill. I've already had offers for bunches of free lumber for the taking.

    A saw shed is on the to do list. I already have a spot picked out that will be a semi-permanent location.

    Your right Larry, I will run out of space quick to store the lumber. I've been pondering lumber shed too.

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