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Thread: rails and stiles help please

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    rails and stiles help please

    Hi gang,

    Just got to playing with SU 6, and well, its a really neat program, but has a heck of a learning curve. Dave, I have been following your tutorial on R & S construction, but have run into a snag of two.

    I have the rails and stiles all pushed together on plane, and everything, but am unsure on how to implement the Intersect with Model in step 6. Do I select each rail and intersect, or use the pointing tool, draw a box around the whole frame and then implement it.

    I have tried it both ways and when I go to clean up with the eraser tool, it takes the entire line from one end to the other, in effect erasing the whole stile, one line at a time. What am I doing wrong. I must have tried this 20 or 30 times and am not able to get past the cleanup part.


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    Hi All,
    I'm new here and that's my first post. Hoping to be clear enough. As many of you I started recently with SU and Dave teached me a bit

    Roger, I had the same trouble when I tried my first attempt with R&S tutorial.
    Yes I use the pointing tool, draw a box around the whole frame and then implement it. Then intersect with selected.
    Before starting with the eraser I click the Wireframe icon to see better what to clean up. It works for me. I just had to use reverse faces after erasing to finish the job. Then just follow Dave's guides in his tutorial.
    Hoping that could help

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    After talking to Roger, I've come to the conclusion that the best way to do the coping cuts on the rails is as I showed in the zipped file in post #23 of that thread.
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