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Thread: Wood Wine Bottle Holder

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    Wood Wine Bottle Holder

    I'd Like to turn a table-top wine cooler for a 1.5 Liter wine bottle.

    This would be a hollowed cylinder approximately 5.25" wide and 10" high with 3/4" wall.

    What wood would you recommend for this project?

    I'm thinking Oak, Cedar, Redwood????

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    Good idea Joseph. I am no big turner so dont feel qualified to offer arecommendation lets hope one of the more experienced spinny guys chime in.

    My first thought off the cuff would be cedar but then i would not finish it either. Guess you would have to glue up a block or two to get a blank.

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    What about some reclaimed or plantation grown teak? I know it is quite expensive but certainly a type of wood that will endure being filled with ice/water. Another would be cypress, a much less expensive alternative and also will stand up very well to water. With the cypress you may need to work with some epoxy or acrylics to fill some possible voids.
    As far as getting a solid block instead of having to do a glue up that should be no issue as well.
    Teak will probably be around $23 - 25 a bf cypress around $5-8 a bf
    but also, you only need about a board foot to do your project.

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    Another one would be Ipe. They use it on bathroom floors because of it's water resistance.
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