I have no idea where to post this so i just put it here.

I have a radiant heater in my shop and its just lovely safe and economical. That said i do have propane going out to my shop.

So i have been looking at a bunch of old equipment and came across these up the road from me so to speak.

They Schwank Radiant Heaters and for $450 i think they would be a fine heater for a woodshop. Very similar to mine except mine is tube type.

Thought i would post them given that white stuff will be coming sooner than we think and there are a number of guys with new shops in the family. This may be just the thing for a good deal. I think they can be easily converted to propane if they natural gas and visa versa but dont take my word for that. I know mine could have been.

If anyone is interested in one i can help by going to check it out if you like. For the record i have absolutely no connection to these people. Just thought it might help someone out on both sides.