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Thread: Hot deal on CR - Performax

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    Hot deal on CR - Performax

    I had been watching a couple of other drum sanders on Craig's List for some time (I've been coveting Larry's in my dreams ) then this one popped up. At $400 it was too good to pass up - that's less 40% of the cost of new - and it is in great shape. Tried it out on some scrap and it seems to work fine. I'll test a few more pieces, check for parallelism, and then put it to work.

    Sure wish I had a little more room.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You will love it, great tool to have when you need it. Great place to store stuff, when you don't
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    Nice! Congrats Rennie!

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    I didn't know they made them in that color! I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
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    Rennie, I suggest you add a cheap ammeter to the drum motor. The old model units such as this had no warning you were going too deep (the new ones slow down the feed rate). When I hooked my ammeter to the motor, it allowed me to slow the feed rate as required to keep from popping the breaker or overloading the motor. It also allowed me to go deeper or faster to take advantage of the machine. My ammeter a good one, but check out this, which should be adequate.

    The new model has a 4 inch dust port, which is barely adequate, so be sure you have efficient collection on the small port.
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    Wow...It's in great shape too!....Use it in good health
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    nice catch rennie. They do have a large footprint and its tough to just have it hanging around all the time using up valuable space.

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    You will like it. I have a Delta model and I use it on about every project. I normally run everything thru after the planer to do a smoothing. After the planer I start with 150 and then the 180. I have done some rough stuff with 80 and worked up. It is also nice after panel glue ups to bring the panel flat.

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    Congrats, Rennie. I haven't been following the used prices on drum sanders, but considering the cost of a new one, it sounds like you got a great deal. And with a Leeson motor, no less.
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    I've been looking for a deal like that for a long time. I really want one of those. Great catch Rennie
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