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Thread: Friday 9/23 Edition

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    Friday 9/23 Edition

    We made it to another Friday gang. So what's going on in your neighborhood?

    Myself, I predict some quality shop time. Maybe a little football Sunday after services. Also hearing rumors that we are selling off a couple old cows.
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    final prep for the up coming season tree work commences on the 1st.. so that will include getting a honey dom, done or at least further than it is now..
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    I thought Id be done with the house painting stuff by today, but I still have a bit more to do, cant seem to get too motivated to paint walls.
    But I will start making my new project in the shop starting tomorrow.

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    Working on clearing out my shop so I can start planning what I have room to stock it with.

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    Gotta Install a new (pre-hung) entry door for the garage, then it's back to a more fun project - a couple of Shaker-style oval trays. Got the side bands cut, steamed, and bent yesterday so they can come out of the drying forms today.

    Leaves are starting to fall, so there's also some yard cleanup to do.
    Jim D.
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    Looks like my new SN2 may be here in time to have a little turning time in the shop! Have a sports run in the morning then we'll see what the day brings. I really do need to spend some time getting re aquainted with a broom and shop vac in my shop. And give my spray equipment a much needed cleaning...

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    Friday: Started my day at the YMCA for my usual workout. Will put another panel assembly in my vacuum press shortly. Then, I'll have to dose up with some meds - got a lot of chest congestion this morning - maybe some sawdust will help!

    Saturday: LOML and I are driving to Ocala, FL (3 hrs) to pick up some Honduras mahogany for a credenza I'm starting. I'll post about the build soon.

    Sunday: The usual routine. I'll prepare brunch, watch the NASCAR Cup race coverage, then fix dinner. Yes, I'm the chef around here! Cooking is another of my "hobbies" - LOML loves it that I cook and she has no problem cleaning up after me!
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    at the moment, survive the workweek (which ends tomorrow), relax hard and fast on Sunday because Monday starts a 6 day week for me. I might do some scrolling Sunday if I'm not off doing other things with the family.

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    Lunch with some friends today and then back into the shop. I'm nearly done with my TV cabinet, just have to put a finish on the new top glue up. Then I have those two walnut end table to build for a client.
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    Tonight is picking up a new battery for the tractor and some gaskets for the tahoe. Tomorrow will be mowing while my wife and daughter have a garage sale. May get some work in on the tahoe Sunday too.

    Got to start the couch to 5k program Saturday as well:

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