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Thread: Quick & Dirty SawStop Outfeed Table

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    Quick & Dirty SawStop Outfeed Table

    I will one day build a proper outfeed table, one that hinges up and down, but for now this worked out really well.

    I'm cutting up a bunch of parts to make some small carts for the L shop, using a roller stand is not really the answer for this, but I needed something, as the balancing act at the edge of the tablesaw is not a good thing.

    I used the piece of laminate covered board that I cut off the extension table of the SawStop when I downsized it.

    It is very simple. I cut a piece of wood to support the outfeed table, and I put some threaded inserts into the wood, these line up with the holes in the back angle iron rail on the saw. I then use two bolts with knobs on them to tighten down the outfeed table, that holds the end on the saw..

    The end away from the saw, I just use one of my roller stands to hold it up.

    A pic showing under the saw so you can see the simple way it is attached.

    A shot from the other side.

    To make it easier to line up the holes in the angle iron and the inserts in the wood, I just drew a line on the angle iron, even I should be able to figure it out, without having to crawl under the saw!

    Remove the two bolts by hand and that is all I have to do.

    The roller stand is just sitting there, not attached in any way.

    When I'm done, the outfeed table just goes under the back of the saw, and a simple wedge holds it there, out of the way until I need it next time.

    Simple, effective, cheap and quick to build!

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    That will get it done
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gibson View Post
    That will get it done
    My thoughts exactly.
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    good solution for a small shop.
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