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Thread: New Woodworking show

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    New Woodworking show

    One of my other haunts is the WWA and this was just posted over there. Gail O'Routke is a great gal, and a super woodworker. Fans of Woodshopdemos might recall her as one of John Lucas' lovely assistants. She has since opened up her own woodworking shop and even appeared on DIY's Weekend Warriors.
    Thought you might enjoy seeing a possible new woodworking show, here's the press release:
    My fellow woodworkers,

    I am a TV producer and have created a new woodworking show for public television called Woodworking Together. It’s the first new woodworking show to come to public television in more than 10 years and features the very first woman to host a true woodworking show, Boston-area cabinetmaker Gail O’Rourke.

    Our show is geared toward woodworkers of all skill levels, with a special emphasis on beginners.

    Woodworking Together will premiere nationwide on PBS stations in January of 2008.
    You can view the show’s “trailer” by clicking on the following link…

    [Sorry, this part was edited to remove a commercial solicitation, which is a violation of the Forum Rules and Code of Conduct. - Vaughn]

    Also, if you would like your local PBS station to carry this program, please be sure to call them and say that you want them to carry Woodworking Together from American Public Television! Local PBS station information can be found at

    Happy woodworking!!!
    edit: yaknow... I really ought to pay attention to the member lists, right Gail?
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    Steve Clardy Guest

    That Gail's getting around

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    Don Taylor is offline Former Member (by the member's request)
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    I sent an email to our local PBS station in Jacksonville!

    Thanks Ned


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    Great opportunity for you Gail. Best of luck with the series!
    If you need any consultants or expert guests, you will be sure to find them around this place.

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    It'll be great to have another WW show on TV, especially one that is geared towards weekend projects - and hosted by someone as easy on the eyes as Gail!

    Way to go Gail - great for you!
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    Gail, congratulations! From the trailer that I viewed, it looks like you will have a popular show -both informative and pratical.

    If the Buffalo NY station (that's where we can tune in to PBS in Toronto) carries it, I will certainly be watching.
    Cheers, Frank

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    Hey you guys are the best! Thank you for all of your support!!

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    What's going on? Gail doesn't have that accent when she types

    All the best in your new endeavour, Gail !

    Ian G

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    Congrats Gail,
    You've come a long way.....

    Good luck


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    Congrats Gail! Looks like a winner!

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