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Thread: Raingutter Regatta

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    Raingutter Regatta

    Hey, folks,

    Young James is entering his first raingutter regatta. If you've never heard of that, click here. We got the kit today for the race tomorrow!

    Anyway, we can't deviate from the supplied catamaran kit, which is based on two pontoons made of Balsa (or something similar). We can finish it however we want. The instructions suggest "two coats of water based paint, then two coats of acrylic gloss enamel paint..."

    That doesn't sound great to me. Can I paint, and then use polyurethane over the paint? Or poly first, and then metallic spray paint?

    Any other thoughts or guidance would be much appreciated!



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    Bill I've put WB poly (Flecto Varathane) over top of latex paint several times. Works fine, just make sure the paint is well cured.
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