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Thread: new toys

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    new toys

    Well I got to try out my new SN2 chuck, PSI live cone center, and drill chuck today.
    Having never used any of them before I dont have a reference to compare them to but I will say this. They worked flawlessly! I turned a handle for my new EC tool from Capn Eddie. Now I just need to get to the home center and get a copper pipe coupler to use as a ferrule , put some finish on it and part it off, then Im ready to go!
    That chuck is SWEET! no run out super smooth! I really like it. Thanks again everyone for all the great advice!
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    USe the in good health Rich!
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    Congrats. Those should serve you well.
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    Congrats, Rich. Having a scroll chuck and drill chuck will open up all sorts of new avenues for you. Enjoy!
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    I have two SN2's & I love them. Congrats on the new shop additions.

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