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Thread: Need your Advice

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    Need your Advice

    Now that Iím finally getting my shop set up (8íX12í), Iím going to change some things around.
    Iím only going to build boxes and other small projects due to space limitations but, still having the desire to build. There will be no more roll-top desks in my future. That probably is a good thing.
    Iím thinking of replacing my Ridgid R4330 thickness planer with the Craftsman 10Ē band saw. Will that band saw resaw small boards with a ĹĒ blade? Iím thinking nothing over maybe 5Ē. That saw would be able to be placed on a shelf under my bench or somewhere else where as the planer is too heavy for me to move it. It is now mounted to a roll around cabinet which works good but, I have nowhere left to roll it out of my way.
    And, I havenít used it in over a year now and canít see itís usefulness to me anymore.
    Iím sure someone has both theses tools, (probably all you guys) and could tell me if Iím thinking this through enough or if Iím over thinking this.
    BTW, money IS an issue as is space limitations.

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    How will you even the thickness after resawing if you don't have a thickness planer?
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    the ten inch bandsaw probally doesnt have enought hp for resawing, you might need to have another do that for you and you can still plane to final thickness after that..
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    My Delta 10 inch bandsaw was a bunch of ... well, it wasn't any good - a saber saw worked better. The guy I sold it to said it was great, but I saw it back on Craigs list a month later.

    My 14 inch bandsaw would resaw fine 80 % of the time, which is to say, it would destroy 1 out of 5 boards.

    My 24 inch bandsaw resaws fine.
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    It will resaw if you have a table saw and cut with a thin blade as deep on both sides of the board that you can. Thus the little bandsaw will have troughs to follow and will wander less and have a lot less material to actually cut. I would keep the planer to then "clean up" the resawn boards as using my method you'll have a dimple to sand or plane down.

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    First, welcome to the family. A 10 inch bandsaw is not worth buying. If you got it for free, maybe. Keep the planer, you'll need it for boxes. You can do what Jonathan said with a 10" bandsaw, but that is a cumbersome process. You could do as well with a tablesaw and a handsaw, but I'm guessing you don't have a table saw either. Save your money and buy a good quality 14" bandsaw or bigger. The key is not the maximum cutting height, but the overall HP and rigidity of the bandsaw, a 10" saw will have neither.

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