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Thread: mahogany lingerie cabinet

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    mahogany lingerie cabinet

    Not sure what else to call it.
    I wanted to make my wife a gift, since shes the only person I never made anything for, besides a box or cutting board.
    Its her birthday beginning of Oct, I wont be close, but Ill let her know its coming.

    I had a 10 foot and 8 foot board of mahogany that was obviously planed and milled down to around 13/16. It was 13 inches wide.
    I wanted the depth of my cabinet to be 14-14.5 inches, but changed my plans.
    After some jointing, the cabinet box will be 12.5 inches in depth, 18 or so inches wide, and 42.5 inches high.
    I will add 16 inch tapered legs with apron(mahogany as well) making the overall height of the piece 58.5 inches.(or close to it)
    I drew it out, but will wing it on the drawer fronts.

    By not gluing up the sides of the cabinet, I didnt have to break out the drum sander, was able to give the boards one light pass through the planer to bring it down to 3/4.

    My plans are to make all solid drawers, all dovetailed, put them on wood slides attached to the side of the cabinet with dado's on the drawer sides.
    The drawer fronts will be spalted maple.(6 drawers total)
    Im going to also attempt, to build a pull that will be one long snake looking walnut handle only cut with 1/8 inch separation between each drawer front.

    Thats my plans. Whether or not I can do it, Im not sure.
    My confidence is there, my talent, well, I know where I stand and this is a huge challenge for me.
    Nothing will be hand cut, all machined dovetails.
    The drawers are a mixture of "white" hardwoods. Soft maple, birch, and a piece or two of sycamore. Trying to use up my short pieces.
    Some interested looking figure in some of the drawer sides.

    Its only wood. If it doesnt work out, Ill cut down the mahogany and use it for something eventually.
    Its also going to be a very slow, long build, since like usual, Im not feeling well, have a load of doctors appt over the next 2 weeks, and my sister is coming up for a visit so Ill be tied up with her.

    Just sharing a project.

    Heres where Im at, cabinet box is made, drawer pieces are cut to size and ready for dovetails.(the drawers will not fit like that, I just stacked them to see if I come up same height on both sides, they will be evened out ofcourse)
    did not glue up the cabinet yet,
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails cabinet 003 (Medium).jpg   cabinet 004 (Medium).jpg   cabinet 005 (Medium).jpg   cabinet 006 (Medium).jpg   cabinet 007 (Medium).jpg  

    cabinet 008 (Medium).jpg  
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    Looks like you have a good start, Allen. That's some nice looking mahogany. I'm sure LOYL will love it! Keep us up to date on your progress.
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    Lookin good Allen!
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    Nice design, and I like the carcass dovetails.

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    Great design. Looking forward to seeing you work your magic on it.

    Nice looking maple and mahogany
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    Good things take a long time....
    Nice start to the cabinet Allen. I'm sure the boss will love it when it's done.

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    Id be happy if it came out as nice as your shop cabinets.

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    Love your builds Allen.

    So what, this is going to take a long time?

    Let's see, In 'Allen time', a long time Might equal a week....
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    Allen, did you dovetail the drawers? Hard to tell by the pictures.
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    Im here, I havent dovetailed them yet, but I will.(hopefully tomorrow)
    Legs and apron will be mortise and tenons.

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