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Thread: Maple Bowl

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    Maple Bowl

    Here is a simple maple bowl I finished turning. I had roughed it in December 2010. It measures 8" X 3". This is finished with the new General Finishes Woodturners finish I got in from Woodcraft. According to them it is a non-toxic water/oil urethane hybrid for use on wood turnings. I put all but the last coat on it on the lathe. The coats were put on very light with a old T-shirt except the first coat which I put on fairly heavy to let it soak in then wiped off the excess. After drying for 10 minutes sanded it with 600 grit since this finish does raise the grain. I applied the second coat and sanded with 600 grit. Much easier to sand on the lathe with my old hands than trying to hand sand. After that I used 0000 steel wool between coats 3, 4, and 5. The last coat I did off the lathe and did not steel wool. It has dried overnight. It took me a total of 48 minutes from the first to last coat. I will wait 72 hrs as they said and then buff to see how it looks. This bowl will be a experiment and will be used everyday if possible to see how this finish will hold up being used in the kitchen. So far I do like this finish and if it holds up in the kitchen will be a good finish. I did try this finish on a pen and bottle stopper. I like how they turned out. So will continue to play with it and see how it goes.
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    The grain really pop's on that bowl Bernie I've been reading your other post's on this finish and will be intersted in the outcome of this experiment well done
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    Real nice looking popcorn bowl mam.

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    Great looking bowl, Bernie!

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    Yes, sir, bring on the popcorn! Very nice bowl.
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    Nice bowl Bernie. But I imagine my cereal in that bowl.

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    Did someone say popcorn? Only if I can have seconds. Nice looking bowl. The more you use that finish the more I'm likeing it.

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    I like it Bernie. I'll be interested to hear how it buffs out for you.
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    Bernie..........what would happen if you did not buff it ? how does it look to you now ..............or does it need the buffing ? are you going to use WD and Ren for the buffing?
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    Thanks for the info on the new finish Bernie! Oh, and very nice bowl too!
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