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Thread: Coring a bowl backwards

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    I've not done one this way, mostly because I'm not that fond of the way stacked ring bowls look. Also, it's easier (and cheaper) for me to get bowl-sized turning wood than to get 12/4 hardwood lumber.

    Nevertheless, Bob Hamilton is a great guy and he's got a whole shipload of good videos on YouTube. I've learned something from all of them I've seen.
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    Interesting video and learned a couple things from it.

    For me its to much trouble to go thru - I can mount a pc and rough cut it quick and put aside to dry or finish turn the entire shape to finish depending on what I want to do. This is the fun part for me (The actual turning of the wood). So to cut, level, glue, let dry, get perfectly lined glue joints, etc ........sounds like a pain and not fun. That is only my take on it and others may want to give it a whirl.

    I agree with Vaughn as I have seen many stacked ring turnings and they just do not impress me - I guess I perfer a solid turned item out of the entire pc of wood.....its just a preference thing.

    What I find interesting is how he methodically worked it out thru to completion..............thumbs up to him..........very skilled turner
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