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Thread: Tapatalk Mobile Phone App

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    Tapatalk Mobile Phone App

    Well this app has been around for a while but i only just managed to get it to do a post and use the camera to take a picture which it then inserted into the post for me.

    Got to say thats the easiest i have had it in terms of submitting a picture.

    Here is how.

    Download tapatalk from the marketplace associated with your phones operating system.

    Then log into your forum using the application.

    Then hit your phone menu button while tapatalk is open and make a post.

    Now hit the more button on the tapatalk onscreen menu between the submit and discard buttons. It will ask you if you want to upload from the gallery or from the camera and even a couple of other choices i cannot remember offhand.

    Well if you choose camera it opens the phones camera for you to take a pic. Once you snap it asks if you want a retake or want to use it. Then it makes a small and large version and asks which version you wish to submit. Knowing our limits you select small and bingo it uploads it.

    Once thats done it asks do you want it inline or attached. If you choose inline it even does the work of inserting the image in your post whereever you left off when you hit the more button.

    Neat Eh! as long as you dont loose connectivity in some way shape or form with the server.

    Just a warning i did this with the phone connected to my wi fi network at home. Be aware if you using telephone connectivity that it could cost you in megabytes if you do it on the cellular network depending on your data plan.

    Let me know if you find another useful feature please.

    Vaughn thanks for those sound apps. I got them. The level one is also cool fun. Should be good for a pool table to put your phone down on the deck and check how well the bubble stays centred.

    I dont go searching for apps but rely on word of mouth.

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    Cool Rob. As soon as I can stop playing angry birds I'll give it a try
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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