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Thread: Have you broken bandsaw blades ?

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    Have you broken bandsaw blades ?

    I have wanted to ask this question of everyone for the longest time but keep forgetting to do it.

    Well the reason keeps coming to me when i use my bandsaw.

    No i aint broken a blade yet since i got her.

    But way back when i first encountered a bandsaw i did nothing but break blades.

    My Dad had a all in one Emco Star. It was kinda like the Sears mini bandsaw and a bunch of other mini machines all rolled up into one. Fantastic design when i think of it today dont quiet know what happened to the company. It came from Austria i think. Here is a picture i copied off another site showing what it looked like.

    Here is a video of the unit.

    Well i was let loose on Dads toy without any instruction we all worry about today. I dunno maybe he was not bright enough to see the possible injuries we all see at every step today or maybe he just had more faith in his son to keep all his digits and he probably felt if i loose a digit it would be through my own stupidity not his or the saw manufacturers.

    Back in those days i made all sorts of things. Specifically toys. But i needed to make enough to kit all my friends out with the same toy.

    So i was forever cutting any material Dad had in the shop. Not metal but wood and occassionally acrylic.

    I think i broke a blade a month. I got blasted but they got repaired or replaced and life continued.

    Back in those days neither of us understood thrust bearings or guide blocks or getting the blade tracking.

    So i was wondering given what many of us have learnt about size of blade versus curve we wish to cut and guide block settings etc

    Who has broken a blade nowadays and was their a reason other than say poor weld as to why?

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    Rob, that looks like a great little machine and you were lucky to have access to it as a kid!

    I recently broke a inch blade on my 16 inch bandsaw. I think that it was because I thightend the blade too much.

    The blade made one very scary nosie when it broke.
    Cheers, Frank

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    My first bandsaw was an old Sears three-wheeler. It had about a 12" throat, but the wheels were only about 6" in diameter, and the blade was maybe 75".

    It seemed like every project I did required at least two blades, and sometimes more.

    I seldom had a blade last more than maybe thirty minutes. They'd usually - but not always - break at the weld. My neighbor had a saw shop, with a blade welder, and he'd re-weld the blades for me.
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    broke blades on a18" saw 1" blade actually it has had two break the first one broke because of a bind on one of the free bowl blanks i sent out.. and the other was on some resawing and it was just getting dull and let go.. on the 14" saw it was bind again and dull blade combo.. all pretty much operator error
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    Ya'll ought to hang out in my school shop the first couple of days they get to use the band saws. Push to hard, push to fast, BAM!!!!!!!!

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    I've broken several 1/2" blades on my 14" saw. I think all of them have been on a weld, but I blame each one on operator error...either turning too tight of a radius on a thick bowl blank, or having a piece that doesn't sit flat on the table move (tilt) mid-cut, thus binding the blade. I've kinked a couple that way, too.
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    My first bandsaw was one of those old Sears three wheelers. The saw flexed the blade so often and over such a short radius that they broke. Guess it was one of those good ideas that would not work because of the laws of physics. Anyway everyone at the sawblade shop knew me well.


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    Not to hijack the thread, but has anyone actually repaired the blades themselves with one of those brazing kits?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Dowell View Post
    Not to hijack the thread, but has anyone actually repaired the blades themselves with one of those brazing kits?

    What can you do with broken blades other than throw them away There has got to be something usable that you can make out of them.
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    I broke one on one my smaller bandsaws quite a while back. Changed the blade, changed my shorts, and was back in bidness in no time.

    I later made a bow saw for a friend, and used the BS blade remnants for a custom fit blade on the bow saw.
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