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    Patient Journal

    I was reading a magazine article about a Josie King the other night. Josie died from a series of events that in the end pushed her mother to take up a fight against medical errors. Her organization works to unite healthcare providers and consumers, and funding innovative safety programs, in hopes to create a culture of patient safety.

    After losing my grandmother this past year due to medical errors, the article hit me quite hard. They have a free Patient Journal iPhone app on the iTunes store if anyone is interested. Just sharing...

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    Time seems to be the biggest cause of the errors from my experience. (two different family members)
    Nobody seems to find the time to read the charts or pay attention to obvious things, and this also lead to fraud in one case I know.

    The best way to avoid these errors (especially with someone not cognitive) is not to leave them alone in the hospital.
    Off to read this, thanks!

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