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Thread: just arrived

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    just arrived

    I ordered a couple of tools from A Benjamin's Best 2" roughing gouge and a bowl gouge. I had originally ordered a 3/8" but they were out of it so I got a 1/2" instead.
    I am waiting on the new BlackHawk sharpening system to arrive to put a fingernail grind on the bowl gouge but the 2" roughing gouge cut really nice right out of the package. They have nice long handles on them not the same fit and finish I would expect from a Sorby or one of the other brands but at 38 dollars for the roughing gouge and about 20 for the bowl gouge both high speed steel and they both are milled quite nicely.

    Put the first coat of finish on the handle for the ec tool hopefully will get that epoxied in tomorrow and give that a spin next week so I will review all these soon!
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    Take care and have fun with your new toys.

    It is always nice to hear about something that is less expensive than the mainline, yet performs well.


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    Congrats, Rich. The Benjamin's Best tools are a good mid-level choice, and they should serve you well. I think you'll get more use out of the 1/2" gouge than you would a 3/8"...or at least I sure do. When the time comes to upgrade, I highly recommend Thompson Lathe Tools. Doug makes some of the best gouges on the market, and they are considerably more affordable than the lesser "name brand" tools.
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    Cool! Thanks Vaughn! I just checked his website. Wow you arent kidding he is very reasonable!
    I will definitely order my next cutters from him!
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    I started with the Ben Best tools. I agree with Vaughn that Thompson's are the best I have used and have several but still use my 1/2" and 3/8" BB's a lot.
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