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Thread: Turning and other tools for sale

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan Shively View Post
    Jim, this is a typical Rob-sales 101 example. Post a sales list, don't post pictures, don't post location, don't check back in timely fashion, when you do check back you continue with the list of don't post location, don't post pictures. Eventually, it will become, FWW classifieds aren't any good, didn't sell a blamed thing on it!
    Yeah, you hit it spot-on, Jon.

    Post an ambiguous list; ignore/don't respond to info requests; Complain Loudly...
    Jim D.

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    have received two pm's from him he is near VA and i too have asked for this info in private as well????
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    He's pretty easy to find. The tools are also posted for sale on another site. He seems like an ok guy:

    Biography: Retired Professor-Full time Grandfather
    Location: Midlands, SC- SW VA
    Interests: Reading, Writing, Woodworking

    so I wonder why he didn't give any location info, or any real list? Maybe he's gotten old, and his brains have leaked out?



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    Despite having numerous family and house emergencies, I have answered all the pm's I have received. That was asked for in the post available to those who actually read it and responded. I have not been able to post a picture of the shaper items, as my camera is on the blink. Didn't know that one needed a picture of a stronghold chuck.
    I try to be courteous in all my mail and correspondence, and avoid my penchant for sarcasm. I defy anyone in this or any other forum, or Ebay to provide examples of my discourtesy. Snide comments only reflect poorly on the commentator.
    I live in both SC and VA, and for those of you who approach me politely, I promise to respond in like manner


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