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Thread: I don't show my work often, but thought I

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    I don't show my work often, but thought I

    would show a few of my pepper mills... I do the ceramic crush/grind mills only... I have too much trouble getting my measurements right on the standard pepper mills... also this gives me some leeway in my designs.

    First is a pepper mill from a board... I had a length of sucupira with some spalting showing in the sap wood... it's beautiful wood...
    I cut the board into 1-1/2 inch strips and glued them around a 1 x 1 inch strip of the same wood... it gives me a striped look to the mill.

    Second is another mill from a board... It's pau santo with a lathe of purple heart and brazilian ebony to fill in the gap when the strips didn't quite meet in my block... the lath strips are pretty subtle, but definitely show up.

    Third is one of two I made that was supposed to be a salt/pepper grinder set... a lady came along and only wanted the one I had thought of as a salt grinder... it had bloodwood between yellowheart as the top... this one has yellowheart between bloodwood... and since they were not an exact match and only a suggestion of a matching set, I sold it separately... the body of these are the corner pieces of a glue up block that I ran through a joiner and matched to make a square... gives the body some different angles.

    Fourth..These two are meant to be a matching set.. one is slightly smaller than the other and again turned from shorter pieces from the glue up block...

    Fifth.. this is a big hunking mill... it's over 13 inches tall. This was taken from the center slice of the block I glued up... I started with a 14 x 12 x 3 inch wide block sliced at an angle... not sure of the angle... I started with measuring the width of the block and marked off every 3 inches, then cut from one corner to the opposite making a triangle and them sliced off the rest on the hypotenuse every 3 inches... the shorter slices were used in numbers 4 and the corners were put together to make number 3... I had two blocks so I could get about 8 pepper mills out of the two blocks.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 34-1295_0.JPG   34-1296_0.JPG   34-1299_1.JPG   34-1297-98_0.JPG   34-1265_1.JPG  

    Tellico Plains, TN
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    Those are fine looking mills.
    I have one started from OO I really should finish.
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    Those are some fine looking mills, Chuck.
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    I've always wanted to make a mill...your's are beautiful Chuck!
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    Chuck, those are nice looking mills. I really like the pair.
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    Very nice Chuck. You should show your work more often.

    Examples of work such as yours almost make me want to take up wood turning.
    Cheers, Frank

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    Those are beauties Chuck. Really well done.
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    Way to go man. I've still yet to do even 1,let a lone that many. good job, and i hope ya sell them all.

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    Cool mills Chuck you should show more often. I know you spinny guys like round but your number 3 pic is my favorite. Just goes to show we all different us humans. I like the straight edges on that round mill.

    Would like to see a full bloodwood yellow mix.

    You every thought of inlay on the top of a flat top like that. could be a S and a P.

    How about a few grooves on the sides with an indexing and router sled to spice it up. Yeah i am like a rubber band stretching stretching...
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    Beautiful Mills Chuck
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