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Thread: Delta Planer - DELTA 22-795X 15-inch\ 3 HP

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    Delta Planer - DELTA 22-795X 15-inch\ 3 HP

    Sometimes the too good to be true are really true.

    I toasted my Delta 22-580 lunchbox planer about a week ago (7 years old) and needed to find another one as I have some projects due. I had my mind set on a larger 3hp model such as a grizzly or a jet when the time came, but timing was terrible right now. Wife and I have been paying out the noise lately on anything and everything (repairs, taxes, kids, etc.). I was going to feel pretty guilty even pulling the trigger on another portable one...that was until I found a 3HP delta for $575 new in the box!

    These guys buy over stock\pallet stuff. I think they had 5-6 more after I picked up mine today. I had to drive a 100 miles, but I think it was worth it. The catch is - its the power head only; there is no stand. They are still on the metal shipping pallets from Delta.

    Give them a call. Ask for Chris.

    Here is mine....2 hours out of the box.
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    It's just a supersized benchtop planer. Nice snag, Doug.

    I also like the sign on your shop fridge door.
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    Great deal
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    Wow what a deal.

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    That looks like a heavy duty machine. Congrats!
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    I hope to have it fired up tonight. I've got to pick up a few things to wire the outlet for this machine today.

    It was everything me and my buddy could do to put this thing on the bench. It's a monster. It's gotta weigh around 350 or so. Really looking forward to getting it fried up.


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    Nice find!
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    I've got that planer, on the metal stand, and it's a beast! It weighs around 400+ pounds, which makes it very solid, and it sure doesn't lack for power. It's a big step up from the lunch box variety.

    I bit the bullet a few years back and installed an Esta blade set in mine. It was expensive at the time, but has pretty much paid for itself after a few blade changes.

    A couple tips: 1. Pay attention to the height of the infeed and outfeed. If they're too low you'll get a lot of snipe. If you decide to keep it on the table, like you've pictured, a couple rollers on each end will be all you'll need.

    2. For very shallow cuts, a lunch box planer is actually better. The Delta has a serrated metal feed roller (not rubber like in the lunch boxes) and can actually leave grooved indents in the top surface of the stock if the cut is too shallow.

    That planer has been on the market for quite a while, and it's pretty much bulletproof. It'll take pretty much any reasonable job you throw at it. If you look at the TaiChi models, you'll find that nearly all of them were pirated from this design. That kinda says something about the original's reputation.
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    Congrats. Great machine and great deal.
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    Nice! Being limited to 110V in the shop stinks...

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