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Thread: Creature of habit no more...

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    Creature of habit no more...

    I'm on the road at least 3 or 4 nights every week, and mostly, I stay at Choice Hotels... they have a pretty good reservation system online, and for the most part the hotels themselves are good clean & serviceable. I have a fair amount of points saved up, which is nice, occasionally Lori and I get a room or we use them for other bonuses. I was booking my room for the week after next, and I just wasn't seeing anything I 'liked' the inns seemed overpriced even at my corporate rate... so I switched to Red Roof, got their business King room for about $10 cheaper than the Choice location, plus it has a microwave and fridge (the Choice couldn't guarantee that).
    Way back in the day I 'lived' at Red Roof nearly all the time, lately they haven't been in the locations I've been travelling (choice has for the most part)... going to be nice to visit the old stomping grounds again, so to speak.

    Anyone near Morgantown, let me know, I'll be there week after next if you wnt to grab a cup of coffee.

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    Enjoy Ned I used to stay at Red roofs & La Quintas after I left the Army...door to door sales for 8 years had a ball , made a few buck$ and seen a whole lotta the southern half of the USA

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    I used to be a creature of my wife says I'm just a creature

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