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Thread: spindle sander

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    spindle sander

    I think if I want to keep building furniture, this might be a good investment for me.
    I have sanding drums I run on my drill press and notice Im using them constantly, and thinking Id like to have a dedicated sander with different size spindles to make my life a bit easier.
    I looked around, they dont seem like a huge expense.
    Anyone using one they would strongly recommend?
    Points I need to address-I need something that is easy to switch out spindles as my hands dont work as well as Id lilke
    I want it tabletop, and light enough to be able to store away when not in use, something I can lift for 20 seconds to put away.(lets say under 75 lbs?)
    Easy to use, I dont want or need another complicated device, Im not a machine person.
    and last, although money is not a major issue, I dont want to waste money on options or a machine that is not any better than a less expensive brand.

    and it has to operate on standard 110 power.
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    I have a ridgid belt/spindle sander and love it light enough and change overs are simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Niemi View Post
    I have a ridgid belt/spindle sander and love it light enough and change overs are simple.
    I have one and for what it is its a good little sander
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    I also have the Ridgid and it is only 40 pounds. I used to tuck mine in a cabinet when not in use but, it started getting used so much, I put it on a stand.
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    +1 for the Ridgid spindle sander. I like mine more than I thought I would. It also meets all your requirements: Benchtop size, not too heavy to move around, and easy to change the spindles. Plus, it's also got an oscillating belt sander, which I think I've used more than the spindles.
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    Another +1 for the Ridgid sander combo.
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    I have the Jet JBOS-5, and it is a heck of a sander. It's kind of heavy--around 80 lbs, I'm guessing. I love it. However, if I were to do it again, I would most likely go with the Rigid. It's highly recommended by almost everyone who has used it. I believe it's a little lighter and less expensive.

    Like I said, the Jet is a whale of a sander, but it's overkill for my needs. At least it has been so far. It is very quiet and smooth, and it has a wide range of spindle sizes. Like I said I really like it--but it's also about $500 at Amazon now. If buying now, I wouldn't get it.


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    seems pretty well agreed, Ill go with the rigid.
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    I did a quick look for price, amazon has it for around 250 bucks. Bottom of the page, 10 pack of sleeves like 20 bucks.

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    I have the Ridgid as well. I really like it.
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