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Thread: wenge for door frame

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    wenge for door frame

    've completed a new medicine cabinet and a storage cabinet for my bathroom made from mahogany and am getting ready to start the doors. I've thinking about using wenge for the door frames around a mirror and reeded glass panels. Has anyone ever used wenge for an application like this. I think it will look good with the cabinets but I've only used it for small highlights in the past.
    thanks in advance

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    not i bill, mahogany is about as "exotic" as i get in solid wood...but what little i`ve seen of wenge it`s pretty wood.....tod
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    It is REALLY nice wood, I've got a couple of pen blanks, but is your question more of one on the structural ability of the wood?

    If so, it seems to be nice and solid.

    Expensive, but I'm sure you know that

    Nice stuff, can't wait to see the pics of the results!!

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    Here's a link to Rocklers, with their prices...

    I believe the lumber yard where I get my Cedar, and I got some Ipe pallet wood, also carry it.

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