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Thread: Trim Carpentry Book?

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    Trim Carpentry Book?

    First let me say "Hello" to everyone. I was wondering where everyone went.

    Here's my question. I am looking for a good book on trim carpentry. Can you all list your favorites for me?

    Thanks, and it looks like you have a really good board here.


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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Hey Martin.

    Welcome to our Family forum. Great to have you here

    Nothing specific on a book title, but have you searched's book selections yet?

    There are several on trim, staircases, etc.

    Offhand I can't recommend just a trim book, as I do not have any books on it. My experience in trim, is self taught, by watching, noticing how others have done things, working with a few others, picking out the bad/good ways that I've seen done.

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    Don't know about a book, but good to see you here Martin.

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    I like the tauton book

    they also have a DVD

    I got both from my local library , so you might want to check there

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    How about the best?

    This should be on everybody's shelf.

    Gary Katz, Finish Carpentry.

    He spells it out better then anyone.

    Then after you order the book, check out and

    book mark his website.

    Font of knowledge there.

    Please, take this from someone who has been doing this stuff way

    before the books were written.


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    thanks Per

    I just went to the library site and reserved Gary's book on trim

    his book on doors that he did for taunton was great , really helped me a lot

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    Thanks for all the suggestions, that narrows down the selection considerably.

    Thanks for the welcome, too.


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    Thanks Per, I may check on that book as well. It looks like I could learn from it and I am always trying to improve my skills.

    And Martin, I would like to add my welcome. I hope that you enjoy it here and that you come back often.
    Cheers, Frank

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    Per, Thanks for the recommendation! I checked out the book at the library and decided to go ahead and order a copy. Excellent reference book!

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    Seems the link went South....

    Hopefully this works!

    Comes from clicking on publications on Gary's website.
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