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Thread: craft show yesterday

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    craft show yesterday

    the wife and i were in a craft show and bake sale at the church her spanish bunch uses. good thing i reserved an 8 ft table, because i filled it up pretty good with one of everything. the show ran from 8 in the morning, until 3 in the afternoon. i was awake from about 3:30 the afternoon before, until around 4 yesterday afternoon (thanks to working 5pm to 5am). i cannot recommend being awake for 25 hours, makes one really stupid. on the plus side, sold 2 pens, and a yoke style bottle/glass holder, covered the fee and then some.
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    If I stayed up that long I would end up in the permanent sleep---dead. Since I would be dead, I guess I wouldn't care. Anyway, I am not nice; I am glad it was you and not me.


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    I do more 19 and 20 hours days than I should, but I think a 25 hour day would be stretching it for me.

    Congrats on the sales. Always good to go over your booth rent costs.
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    Congrats on the sales!

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