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Thread: Drawer slides recommendation

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    Drawer slides recommendation

    I want to build drawers. I have made them wood on wood and I can make them go in and out fairly easily.

    I have not used drawer slides much. Any recommendations for drawer slides for:

    1. Workshop;
    2. Nicer things like chest of drawers in the house.



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    My preference for the furniture I've built is full extension ball bearing glides. They don't have to be the most expensive, either. There are good brands that are very reasonable, especially in quantity purchases. I've bought most of them from

    For my shop drawers, I use Euro glides because they're inexpensive and they work just fine.

    You question is timely because I'm deciding what kind of glides to use on a current project. I've been reviewing a wooden dovetail glide I was introduced to by a woodworker I met in Florida. Here's a link to a thread on another forum about it.
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    shop... full extension glides from

    furniture... traditional cabinetry is best choice.

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    Thanks for the input. Have you every used Blum undermounts. These of course would not be for the shop but they seem like they are quite nice.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Galen Nagen View Post
    Thanks for the input. Have you every used Blum undermounts. These of course would not be for the shop but they seem like they are quite nice.

    First of all, Galen, welcome to the forums!

    Regarding the Blum undermounts - yeah, I've used them, and I really like them. They're fast becoming my new favorites.

    I also really like the K-V (Knape & Voight) full extension +1" slides. I get mine at Woodworkers Hardware.
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    Ball bearing would not be a problem in a shop I assume. The KV 8400 are a good value.



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    Clearly I'm up too late... I read this subject as "Water Slides recommendations" and I was all set for a discussion of the Great Wolf Lodge vs other waterpark hotels...
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    I will put that on my bucket list. Sounds good.

    Are the Blum Undermounts tricky to install?


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    The other half of your question... for fine furniture, nothing beats wood on wood, if you have it perfected.

    For shops the side mount ball bearing full extension are great, as for most utility use.

    I have found the Euro guides don't last as long as I want for fine furniture, but would be ample for a shop where they are easily replaced.

    The undermount are far more expensive, and fussy to install, but are very nice if someone wants ball bearings but doesn't want to see them.
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