Hello, I have refinished many pieces of furniture. I was just wondering what do you use to remove paint and or other finishes for the wood. Personally, I use a brand called Kleen strip. It works really well and the have one for paint (semi-liquid or semi-paste) and one for stains, varnish and stuff. Then a wash with mineral spirits and finally sanding. So what do you use as far as scrapers brush or other to get the wood clean? Also, how do you set a rate on doing this kind of work? The chairs I just finished cost me about $10 per chair in materail and about 8 hours each. What I charged was $60 each and the woman said it was to cheap and paid $75 each. I do not do this for a living, just to give me something to do and a few extra dollars in my pocket. I do not work do to medical problems, so this is more to cheap me active.