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Thread: Need advice on warped panel.

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    Question Need advice on warped panel.

    Hi everyone!

    I am currently working on an aquarium stand for my son, and I have run into a little problem. I glued up a panel for the door that is 16" wide x 22" long. It is comprised of 4-4" wide X 3/4" thick figured maple boards (see picture). When I finished gluing it up, it is slightly bowed so that it sits lower in the middle than it does at either edge (the 16" width is bowed, not the 22" length). As I see it, I have a few choices:

    1) Put a crossbrace across the back on the top and bottom to force it straight.

    2) Clamp it to a flat surface for a few days and see if it goes flat.

    3) Chuck it in the scrap bin, cry a little, and start a new one!

    I hate to loose the panel, but I also hate to have the door never look good when closed. Will a couple maple braces on the back of the door look bad? What do you think? Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Hi Tom - Sorry to see your panel warped like that. It's not too bad. I don't have any tricks for straightening it per se, but you might be able to salvage it by trimming it down, building a cope and stick frame, add a raised panel edge and use it as part of a raised panel door.
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    How was it stored when it warped?

    I have had panels do that due to humidity changes when they are stored flat (or even leaned up against something)

    Try leaving the panel sitting on some sticks in a warm place for a couple of days. The moisture should even out and the panel should return to something like straight.

    If that doesn't work would you can probably rip the panel apart, rejoint the edges and glue it up again. But if you got the edges jointed properly (90 deg) then it's probably uneven moisture causing it.



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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Tom. Will this panel go in a frame?

    Is it ripped to width already?

    Maybe you could rip it down the middle, turn one piece over, and reglue. Then add a small strip to the width if its already sized.

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    Oof. Hope this warped panel thing isn't going around.
    I've been putting doors together today.
    I got to this one
    I wetted the front suface, going to let it sit over night and try it.
    I first attempted to put it together, and broke the lip off the rail.

    We'll see what happens to it in the morning.
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    tom, i only know one answer to warped panels.....steve allready knows this he`s just hopin` to avoid the rework .....cut it apart and reglue....if it continues to move the boards ain`t supposed to be used like you`re trying to...time for either new boards or another approach to taming those boards, like a frame or battons.......(battons usually need to be pretty substantial)....tod
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