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Thread: Free To A Good Home

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    Free To A Good Home

    **Disclaimer** This is only a joke **
    No homes were actually broken into and no dog is available
    I include this disclaimer because some people actually take me seriously on occasion!

    Free to a Good Home:

    Our house was broken into last night by two robbers who locked
    me in the bathroom, and proceeded to steal all they could carry.

    Our watchdog Killer did not alert us at all, and for this reason
    we are giving him away. We no longer want this dog.
    We've decided on installing an electric fence and detection devices
    with alarms. They're cheaper to maintain and definitely more reliable.
    For those interested in adopting the dog please send an e-mail immediately.

    ”A recent photo of Killer is included below.”

    ‘Killer’ is a Norwegian Beer Hound . . . you can tell he is 100% purebred.
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    I'll be sharing that one.
    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson
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