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Thread: Bandsaw blade setup

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    Bandsaw blade setup

    I'm installing a 3/4" Lennox Trimaster on my MM16 tenioned to 28K. Got it setup so the teeth are just outside the top wheel edge. On the lower wheel the teeth over hang about 1/4" more than the top

    Is this OK?

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    Might be cutting it a bit close (no pun intended) When the blade is pushed back against the rear guide bearing does the set clear the side guides? If it do, then it is correct. Remember that when you set the tension and tracking the guides are not suppose to be in the picture, then bring in the guides but they are not to touch the blade. They are only to keep the blade from drifting off track not to hold it on. The tracking keeps the blade in center and on the Apex of the crown of the wheels. (Not the guides)

    (I know you didn't ask that question but I thought I would spout out a bit as well as give the answer.)

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