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Thread: Woodworker's Journal surveys--the good part

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    Woodworker's Journal surveys--the good part

    I don't know if any of you have signed up to take the surveys that WWJ sends out via email occasionally but I have done them for quite a while now. They always say the all who participate are eligible to win a prize of some sort and list the names and home towns of those who have won in the past. I completed one survey last week.

    Well, I got this earlier this week: "When you signed up to be a part of the Woodworker's Journal Online Survey Group, we told you there would be a chance of winning a prize with every survey. Well, you are a lucky participant who has more than a chance you have a sure thing!" I gave them the required info and thought I might hear from them in a month or so.

    Sure enough Brown brought a box to my door today. It contained an Arrow T50 Elite staple gun and a box of staples. Super! I can put it to good use. My old one was showing its many years of use.

    Thanks to Woodworker's Journal, Rob Johnstone and Alyssa Tauer! I will put it to good use.


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    Congrats on the new tool, and well done on the part of WWJ.
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