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Thread: For the Handplane Fans

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    For the Handplane Fans

    Jesus was a Woodworker

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    now that was reminiscing dan,, i poured iron and made molds just like that for many years when i was younger,, but to see it again i could still feel the heat and smell the mold gases,, then to see a part made like plane afterwords was special...
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    Thanks for the video Dan. I learned something tonight.
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    That's very cool, thanks for the link!


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    Thanks Dan i am surprised they still using that method of manufacture. It looks like that was Clifton planes that certainly was not a Chinese factory.
    Clifton is made in the Uk i am surprised the show did not feature either lv or ln for north american consumption maybe its a case of he who pays the highest.

    See what Schwarz has to say on the Clifton planes

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