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Thread: It's Friday. What's up?

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    It's Friday. What's up?

    For me it's traveling to Massachusetts for a grandson's birthday on Saturday.

    Sunday will probably be shop and yard time with a little football thrown in.
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    Gator's birthday tomorrow, so that is the whole day.

    Sunday, not sure yet, most likely shop time after services.

    I have gotten a boat load done this week. Back to the books Monday.
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    took a 3 hour bike ride 2 hours in downpour rain hard on the highway . made it to the farm by 12 hunted all day, going to hunt all day tomorrow and take a bike ride back home on sunday
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    Planning to drain down and close the pool and fountain tomorrow. May do some other yard work.

    Picked up some more breakers for the garage. Going to run down to the farm supply to see about some rat sheilds for the shop.

    Need to run some left-overs from the garage sale to the good-will store and finish cleaning out the garage.

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    Trailer is hooked up, check tire pressures and air bag pressures and head out in the morning around 5:30. Picking up my new team of ponies!!! Then back home, drop them in a corral, unhook trailer, head to mom and dad's for a couple birthdays being celebrated before they head back to Florida. Then home to fit harness on the team. Hopefully get them hooked to something yet Saturday. Sunday, who knows, rest.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Jonathan you are a great guy. However, you just reinforce a "Thank You" that I make a couple times a week or more to my deceased parents. "Thank you for having me born in the city (actually I think 'city' but it was way too small to call city).

    Thanks Again and Enjoy,


    Oh yeah, what did I do today? It was as close to nothing as I could make it. Through stupidity I hurt my arms a couple days ago. Discomfort grew to be pain so went to chiropractor today. He helped a lot. However, instructions were don't use arms today because tomorrow I have to work (the only day I work this month). I am even typing one handed because one arm is worse than the other---trying to even them up I guess.
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    other than work, not much. dropped off the advent candle holder with father mike today. he wasn't in the office, so i don't know his reaction. just have to sand and finish one last project, and with the shop cleaned up, and closed up for the winter (also helped pop give the garage the fall cleanup), not much happening that way.
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    Trapped at work and it looks like I will be for awhile. Others are supposed to take over for the weekend but from what I have seen so far, not counting on it.
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    Tons of 'get ready for winter' type stuff.

    Maybe a little work on the shed.

    Some work/work...
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    Clean out a birds nest from the camper and get it ready for 1-2 more trips before winterizing.

    Weather has been nights, but upper 70's during the day.

    Werky-werk here and there...harvesting the tomatoes, just a bunch of misc. stuff

    Oh, and Brent needs to pressure wash the sailboat so I can start sanding it to paint before it gets too cold (hint hint)

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