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Thread: Knock Down Assembly Table - Improvment

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    Knock Down Assembly Table - Improvment

    Things to do while waiting for glue to dry . . . .

    I don't know if anyone slapped one of these together. I found that on my Garage-Mahal floor, leveling the base and top as separate pieces was bothersome. I didn't want to give up the storing of the collapsed legs in the table top so I came up with this.

    Drill some access holes centered on the leg pieces and a distance from the edge to suit your hardware. Using the doweling feature of the Mortise Pal I drill a through hole from the edge to the hole (this'll make sense in a sec, keep going).

    Attachment 61019 Attachment 61020 Attachment 61021 Attachment 61022

    If you were as casual as I was about dimensions, you'll have to match the parts for ever after ;-) Set the top upside down on the bench. Set the assembled legs into the top and mark the positions for some through holes in the top. Drill a small pilot through hole to mark the position on both sides.

    Attachment 61023 Attachment 61024

    Use a bit to fit your hardware. A 5/8" Forstner allowed for my washers. Drill a counerbore adequate to set the bolt head and washer just below the surface of the top. Drill an oversized through hole to complete the couterbore and to allow some wiggle room when lining up the parts. I used 1/4" hardware and drilled the 3/8" through hole part way from each side to avoid blowout.

    Attachment 61025 Attachment 61026

    With the top upside down, set the legs in place and slip the bolts up from the bottom. Add a washer and nut in the large hole and use a spin-tite and a wrench to snug them in position. Not only did this make the whole table more steady but, it flattened out the top real nice too. Now I can level the table on my floor with just one shim. YMMV.

    Attachment 61027 Attachment 61028
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    That's a slick trick, Glenn.
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    Glenn i gotta tell you i was a little distracted looking at that walnut. Man you aint even finished it and the wood choice you made and the way its presented makes that piece look great. I cant wait to see it all finished up.

    Sorry i know this thread was about the table but man that wood just looked too good not to say something about it.

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    Very neat
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