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Thread: First spindled profile on the shaper!!

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    First spindled profile on the shaper!!

    So last week I got a 3/4" spindle for one of the shaper heads Todd gave me (TowMater on woodnet) from his major You Suckage Auction Score. Todd, thanks much for these shaper heads!! Hope you got the package I sent!

    I cleaned up the shaper head (multi profile head no less) and installed it today. I had a 2X4 that had been used to test the jointer I sold today. Look at these!!!! These proliles were cut in one pass on a 2X4.

    BTW I about fell back when I fired up the shaper with the head on it. So far all I had done was use the router bits. The sound is incredible when the spindled head gets up to speed. Almost SCARRY.
    I think I will be glad when the feeder get here although I had no problems using it today.

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    Looks great Mike, and I'm sure you will be happy with the feeder!
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Looks great

    Retry that one in Oak, and see if you can do it in one pass

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Clardy View Post
    Looks great

    Retry that one in Oak, and see if you can do it in one pass
    Might want to wait for that power feeder first with that board being as short as it is!
    Jeff Wright
    Treasure Island FL

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