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Thread: Magazine recommendations please...

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    Question Magazine recommendations please...

    Hi Fellow sawdust producers (uh, woodworkers…),
    (no, I do not work for ANY publication - this is for me, personally)

    I would like your recommendations on your 3 favorite woodworking magazines. I like magazines and I keep most if not all of my issues. I consider magazines a key tool for my edification and ability to do more in the shop.

    The problem is, there are TONS of woodworking magazines around.

    Would you be so kind as to reply with your favorite magazines? Just your top 3. I am pretty sure I will be getting Fine Woodworking, but not sure about others.

    most of my projects are not huge in size or complexity, but I do like to be challenged, so that is why I am getting Fine Woodworking.

    So, chime in and let me know…

    Jim Marchetti

    PS – this site has a seemingly comprehensive listing…
    RMW Enterprises

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    Yes, there are tons....and, I'm afraid, I get them all.

    However, if I were to have only three and have to give up all the others, I think I would keep Fine Woodworking, WOOD, and American Woodworker. Just my opinion.

    Oh, and welcome to the family.
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    Welcome to the Family, Jim!

    I have subscribed to Wood Magazine since forever, it seems. I've built very few items exactly as the plans were published but have gotten inspiration from many of their projects.

    I started a subscription to Woodsmith a couple of years ago. I like its format - no ads.

    Fine Woodworking was also on my "must have" list for several years but I became disenchanted with them and let my subscription run out a year ago.

    I've looked at several other publications over the years, but settled on the two I mentioned above as the ones I will continue.
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    I get nearly all of them, but if I could only get three, they'd be: Fine Woodworking; Popular Woodworking; and Woodsmith.
    Jim D.
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    I would need to know more about you, your shop and your goals to answer better. Fine Woodworking is great but, their online offering is quite rich and includes everything including past issues back to the days of black and white. So, I subscribe online and save shelf space. Wood is great for projects and their plans are quite well done.

    Woodsmith and Shop Notes are great for simpler projects and shop fixtures, jigs and so forth. Both also have well drawn out plans and they are prompt to correct anything they may have missed in the follow up issue. They also offer "online extras" which include greater detail, scale changes, variations and so forth.

    There are many other very good magazines but, IMHO the value of each will change with what you are doing and what "phase" you happen to be in at a given time.
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    welcome to the board jim.

    find some back issues and see what publications are geared towards what you are looking for.
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    Woodsmith, Shop Notes and Popular Woodworking. That's the 3 I get anyways. I pick up a copy of Fine Woodworking when I see something in it I like.

    Welcome to the forum
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    Welcome!!....And I agree with Steve.....cant go wrong with those 3
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    Welcome Jim !!!

    Wood, Woodsmith, and Woodworkers Journal are the 3 I used to subscribe to. I would pick up Fine Woodworking only when I saw something that really interested me inside.
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    I get Wood, American Woodworker and use the library for Fine Woodworking. I've had all the others and may very well get Woodworker's Journal again ($10 offer came in the mail today). American Woodworker was another cheap subscription. For some reason Popular Woodworking just isn't one I care for--can't really say why.


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