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Thread: I guess this would be a gloat

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    I guess this would be a gloat

    A couple months back one of the guys in the club I am in said I should go see this guy from a gallory. When I went to see him just to get a feeling of what he might want he said he would only be interested if I had something differant to show him. He had someone who did bowls and someone who did segmented work. I might add the pieces he had there where realy nice so I knew I w3ould not be taking there place. Just to be bold I asked when he would have the time to see me. In September I went back. He said he would look at anything I had but wanted something differant. I started with some potpourri bowls then some Tea lights followed by some mini Bird houses and ended with some pens also for the heck of it some regular bowls. First thing he said was no bowls But I do want. 12 BOW pens and 3 Potpourri pots and 3 Tea light holders and 12 Mini Bird houses if I can make a stand. Well I deliver in the morning and I just finished the stand. It will hold 12 easy and there is enough room to add another rod if needed. Works great with Christmas ornament hooks.
    Thanks for looking

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Now that is a gloat.
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    Nice sale. Congrats
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    Way to go, Dennis. Congrats.
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    That is definitely a gloat and worth gloating about!!!!!!
    Glad to see and as one of his artists now, good to know he is "protecting" his current artists and not always shopping around for a deal. Sounds like a stand up guy that knows what he wants. Commission or is he buying up front and adding his own profit at his own risk?

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    Looks great, and congrats!

    Your stand is even impressive, but I'd lose the red string and just hook the eyelets on to hooks, save some space, and I'd also put the rods in on different axis, not lined up one over the other, but so they fill the space around the base.

    Very impressive work, I hope you get lots of orders!
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    "Your work is for the birds"---very tiny birds that is. And I bet the birds really enjoy their upper class housing.

    I like your display too. It has a good feel to it---It is comfortable, not commercial.


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    Congratulations Dennis i hope it all works out for you.

    Some input if you dont mind.

    A key point for merchants is the space a product takes up versus its value in sales.

    A metric stores keep a close eye on is $/sqft of sales. In order for that to be as high as possible yet affordable to their target demographic they watch how this works out in the merchandising of the product.

    While your stand looks fine in my view it means unless the ornament is merely hooked on then someone wanting the 3rd one along when the row on each arm is full will have to lift off the first 2. This is a potential opportunity for damage to the goods or dropping and causing even more damage.

    While hooks will solve the problem hooks get lost and so the loop for hanging it will inevitably be used.

    My suggestion is to think in terms of making a tree with many more shorter branches and sub branches like the veins in a leaf.

    Then consider putting a lazy susan under the stand base to enable it to rotate but put something in between the base and the lazy susan to make it slow to rotate. For that matter you might just try wood on wood with a dowel.

    The more customer and merchant friendly you make your display stand the more he will like you and your product and the better it will sell your products.

    In addition if you make a dedicated little peg for each ornament then he can also see at a glance when his stock is out and how many and reorder without having to do much work. It also helps for theft monitoring. Many smaller retailers will keep positions fully stocked with stock from the storeroom to aid in this matter. At a glance one can spot if one is missing when someone has entered the store.

    Hope some of these aspects help. Also consider adding a little plaque to the top like a tree top and putting a brand on it with a small punchline about the product being hand made with loving care in the USA etc something like that adds to inlfuencing the sale for the consumer looking at the tree. Small little things in the mechandising can make a huge difference. Simply saying give a gift that will be remembered every Christmas will help someone spotting it think what and prompt the "thats a great idea" flag in their head.

    Best of luck

    Oh Dennis and consider the same sort of thing to display your bowls. Think of a stand that will offset and stair case them so they are not all on one plane. This will allow him toget the density up too and create a higher display than flat or on a shelf next to each other. It makes them a display piece.

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    Great input Rob
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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