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Thread: Coffee Cup Sleeve - Drying Debate

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    Coffee Cup Sleeve - Drying Debate

    I got some new wood today - Olive - Red Euc - Maple - small amount of Ash. Alot of it is checked and cracked but after some chainsawing I am getting some nice solid blanks and Anchor sealing them up.
    Pictures 1-4 showing the raw wood in a pile while I cut it up a bit at a time and seal the blanks...etc.....

    The debate - I have a friend I met awhile back that is a fairly good accomplished turner and has done some fantastic pc's. He lives along way from me so we communicate frequently by emails and as time has went on we tend to disagree at times. The latest debate (disagrement) is over making coffee mug sleeves.

    His Way - rough cut them and put them in bags (or whatever) and dry them out until the MC is below 10% - at that point you can return them to the lathe and finish turn them to fit the coffee mug - seal them in the sleeve with silicone and finish them..........

    My Way - Finish cut the exterior (not sanding) - Hollow the interior to finish - I have made 3 of them (Olive wood) this way then I took each one and did something a bit different

    Picture 5-6 - turned as above and sleeve placed over mug and sealed in - left to dry inside open to air - cracked in several spots but ill try to fill them in and finish it out........sitting for a week and half now

    Pictrues 7-8 - turned as above and spun at high RPM with MS sprayed in side - left to dry for a couple days and then mug placed and sealed in - its been over a week and half now - No cracks

    Picture 9-10 - Today - turned as above and outside coated with CA thin - inside 50/50 MS/BLO mixture sprayed - now sitting inside to dry - 3/4 of day - No cracks so far my turner friend says im wasting my time and that none of methods im trying will work - due to drying to quickly and cracking - or warping or both -

    Maybe---- but I think ill keep experimenting anyway
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Wood-1.jpg   Wood-2.jpg   Wood-3.jpg   Wood-4.jpg   P1010001_renamed_13755.jpg  

    P1010004.jpg   P1010002.jpg   P1010003_renamed_16388.jpg   P1010001.jpg   P1010003.jpg  

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    When it comes to wood turning and drying wood, theres as many answers as there are types of wood.
    If it works for you go for it, sorta reminds of the Bumblebee areonautically speaking he should not be able to fly. But he does anyway I guess nobody has told him.

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