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Thread: HF Circular Blade Sharpener

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    HF Circular Blade Sharpener

    Anyone tried one of these out yet? I've got a bunch of cheaper blades that it might be worth using it on, but as little as I go through blades anymore, not sure it's worth the $50 to me.

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    I've seen it in their store but had the same thoughts about it as you. Maybe if I was a framer and had a ton of 7 1/4" blades I might consider it.

    Been thinking about their chain saw sharpener though.
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    My local sharpener is pretty cheap and takes less than a week. As much as I like doing things myself and have a bit of an issue with collecting sharpening gadgets, I think I'll hold off till it gets a rave review...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gibson View Post
    ... Been thinking about their chain saw sharpener though.
    I've had one of those for several years. I don't do a lot with a chain saw, but when the blade gets dull it takes only a few minutes to whip it back in shape.
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    I don't see the logic.

    Lousy blades aren't worth owning IMO, which are the only ones I'd risk on a cheap sharpener (catch 22). $50 can buy a very good blade (two in many cases), or would go along way towards a top flight premium $100 blade. Good blades are worth having professionally sharpened....for $15-$20 you gain access to some very precise sharpening tools run by a seasoned veteran. There's no chance I'm risking a good blade on a cheap sharpening tool. Plus, as a hobbyist my blades tend to hold an edge for a very long time if kept clean, so there's no very little benefit for incurring the risk. Even with proper sharpening, a poor quality blade still has low grade softer carbide, questionable tensioning, poor quality steel, and less sophisticated anti-noise/anti-vibration technology, so at best it becomes a "lipstick on a pig scenario", which we all know is a waste of lipstick that annoys the pig!
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